Do you want change? Change the way you see things.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of radiant gemstones every day, and people often request custom-made pieces with specific gemstones because they´re battling an illness or going through a hard time, finding themselves surrounded by negative people and situations. As I started to design jewelry I saw how so many believe that crystals assist in getting the desired outcome they’ve been wishing for, whether is be black tourmaline to clear anxiety and feelings of unworthiness, or amethyst to bring peace, courage and inner strength. Clearly, there is nothing scientific here, and long before science and modern medicine pharmacists often gave people gemstones in powdered form to heal their ailments. This spiritual belief dates way back, and has been set in the beliefs of many to this day. 

This brings me on to the topic of manifestation. It is believed that if we manifest our desires, beliefs and expectations, or in other words, focus our attention on them we will see the outcome we desire.  In the book Life of Pi one of the ideas is that perspective changes everything. How we choose to see a situation IS in fact the situation. Whether it’s good or bad is always up to us. We have the power to change our perspective and thus change the outcome of any circumstance. So, the idea is to manifest your intention. Maybe your job has you down and you drag yourself out of bed everyday to simply go and get it done. Change the way you see your job, be grateful for something about it, and maybe that job won’t appear to be so bad. 

For those who have manifested the idea that by wearing a particular gemstone they will feel healing and peace with themselves, they most likely will. This is the beautiful thing about truly believing. This can be applied to so many facets of our lives. As children, we were told by our teachers and parents that we could do whatever we believed we could. Most likely, those of us who listened and had that constant reason to believe in ourselves actually believed and had the outcomes we desired. In The Wizard of Oz, if Dorothy truly believed she would get home by clicking her shoes, she would get home.. and she did. Of course, life is full of tests and trials, and there are almost always a few pot holes along the way, but most often the only thing holding you back is your lack of belief. 

I’ll close with one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever heard, and hopefully will inspire you to put it into practice whenever you feel like you’re being brought down by negativity...

As you begin to change the way you look at things, things will begin to change.