Love is Love

This expression can be felt and understood in different ways, just as we may see and feel love in different ways. 

As I worked on this collection I was going through a deep inner reflection of what I feel and what fills me to the point of needing nothing else, experiencing the power of now and letting my heart take control of my actions, thoughts and feelings. I learned that with love all is possible, and if you truly dive deep into this idea that with love all is possible, you’ll see that it’s true. 

I took a step back from my physical exterior self and went inward to really know how I feel and what makes me feel complete, safe and calm. I put aside expectations, judgements and critics to see beauty and love all around me. What I mostly connected to were my natural surrounding and what seemed the most real to me. I saw the trees in a different way. Even the rain stopped seeming like something that would ruin my plans or even my entire day. I started to simply feel it and see that it´s something fundamental in the care of our earth. I saw the animals and how they interact with us and everything else. I could see the love among them and saw how my own contact with animals went to a deeper amazing understanding. I enjoyed the silence of just being. 

In celebration of Earth Day, just a couple of days ago, we say ¨Love your Mother¨, but do we know how she loves us? Einstein said, ¨Look deep into nature and you will understand better.¨ Look deep into nature and you will better see what love is and feels like. It has no conditions nor expectations. Look at the love an animal expresses toward you, which is usually a purely grateful love. Look at how they love each other, care for and respect each other..

Set aside barriers, languages, cultures, religions, species and feel the love. Feel the love earth feels for you, and how natural yet in sync everything is to take care of us as we pass through this journey of our existence. 

Use compassion and kindness always, and let your heart guide you. Hold no grudges because that´s just your ego convincing you that you are right about everything. When you act with compassion and kindness you don’t need to be right about everything. You feel as you do, and that will be enough. 

Look deeply inside of you, look around and find love in what you see. Let your heart guide you and watch how your instincts will also better guide you. Love is love and only your can decide to see it, feel it and live with an open heart. Most importantly, remember you ARE loved. 

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