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Love is Love

This expression can be felt and understood in different ways, just as we may see and feel love in different ways.  As I worked on this collection I was going through a deep inner reflection of what I feel and what fills me to the point of needing nothing else, experiencing the power of now and letting my heart take control of my actions, thoughts and feelings. I learned that with love all is possible, and if you truly dive deep into this idea that with love all is possible, you’ll see that it’s true.  I took a step back from my physical exterior self and went inward to really know how I feel and what makes me feel complete,...

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Evolve and Open your Heart to What Is

Autumn blesses us with evidence of change; changing temperatures, changing colors in the leaves on the trees, changing hours of light and darkness as the days are shorter and the nights longer, along with our own changes. For example, I find that my skin and my hair suddenly need something different and I have to recycle all bottles of shampoo, face creams and body lotions and buy others just because what worked all summer just stops working. Fresh fruits and vegetables I spent all summer enjoying are changed to warmer soups and dishes as the juicer and blender are replaced by the crock pot.  Autumn shows us how beautiful change can be as Mother Nature turns everything into glorious warm...

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