Love is Love

To my Tapada angels: You will forever be in my heart and a constant reminder of the importance of being kind and loving to all living creatures, never forgetting your courage, your strength and your will to survive and be free everyday no matter what. You are loved and you are love. Munchkin, Lucido, Clementina, Gaspar, Rey, Leo, Rufi, Flynn, Cleo, Meow, Nico, Nicola, Helius, Luna, Bigodinho, Alberta, Rita, Paulinho, Afonso, Serafina, Bella, Chester, Felix, Sissi, Lotus, Sol, Gray...and the others who showed me light everyday. 

Tapada da Necessidades is an old, romantic park filled with flora and fauna in  Lisbon, Portugal. The many mornings I spent there feeding the colonies of abandoned cats living there are memories that will forever fill my heart. The natural environment, bringing me peace and joy, along with the sweet beautiful souls wandering the park, who I grew to truly love with all my being, are my inspirations for this collection. No matter where you come from, what religion you practice, what color your skin is, what language you speak, or what species you are, we are all the same love and light and tiny existences in this amazing universe. Love is love, and with a kind and compassionate heart we can spread it and make the earth a better place for all. 

Beklager! Der er ingen produkter i denne kollektion.