Letting Go

These days, after a pandemic has altered the way we handle ourselves in public venues and around others, waiting in line with your mask on and patiently waiting for someone to tell you to move forward, has become the norm and something we must adapt to. While waiting in line at the post office the other day, a woman in line behind me, clearly full of frustration and impatience, yelled at me for not moving fast enough when my turn was called. I allowed this woman to throw me from my calm body and mind as I entered into a state of surprise and hurt as to why and how a complete stranger could talk to me this way, especially in spite of the special current circumstances. Negative repetitive thoughts overwhelmed me as I began to go over what I should have done or said. How many of you can relate to a similar situation where you wanted to defend yourself and put that person who wronged you in their place?

Our egos are capable of reminding us of situations or people that have hurt us over and over again during an entire day or even several days. This power  holds us back and keeps us from moving forward, creating a happy day, week or future. We have to learn to breathe and let these thoughts go. If we are powerful enough to let the thoughts or painful situations consume us, we are also powerful enough to let them go. If we over-analyze what we should have done or said, we trap ourselves into a never-ending state of anxiety, anger, worry and frustration. The past situation itself does not ever change, but you can. Once you decide to let the past go and release what no longer serves you, you bring peace into your heart and you can begin to live a life with authenticity and happiness. 

Breathe deeply and let it go to create a better tomorrow, and an even better future for yourself. With every breath we are fortunate to be able to let anything go. We can’t change the past but we can decide on how to live our present moment. Live it with happiness and love. 


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