Evolve and Open your Heart to What Is

Autumn blesses us with evidence of change; changing temperatures, changing colors in the leaves on the trees, changing hours of light and darkness as the days are shorter and the nights longer, along with our own changes. For example, I find that my skin and my hair suddenly need something different and I have to recycle all bottles of shampoo, face creams and body lotions and buy others just because what worked all summer just stops working. Fresh fruits and vegetables I spent all summer enjoying are changed to warmer soups and dishes as the juicer and blender are replaced by the crock pot. 

Autumn shows us how beautiful change can be as Mother Nature turns everything into glorious warm colors and my plants and pets seem to wake up after sleeping through the hot days of summer. I love summer and the hot longer days, but there is something about the transition into Fall that gives me hope and a new sense of joy. I see beauty in the changes occurring around me in my physical world, as well as the changes I feel within. It´s time to embrace it and all we can learn from it although we may need to adjust our routines and our habits. With change comes new opportunities and possibly a refreshing and recharged inner you. 

So, as Mother Nature shows us her evolution and how wonderful and natural it can be, be mindfully aware of the changes you go through or are in need of. Dedicate time to yourself and be grateful for the countless opportunities we are given to do things differently and better. Make this change in season the excuse to do something in a different way and with the intention of evolving into the best version of yourself. Open your heart to what comes naturally. 

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